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What is Microfluidics?

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What is Microfluidics: a microscale piece of fine art

What is Microfluidics – Fine Art at microscale

Microfluidics: Characteristics

Microfluidics deals with the behaviour, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small (typically sub-millimetre) scale. This kind of research and work involves the usage of different technologies, components and materials, witch are key factors in microfluidic area.

Microfluidics common features

Usually, micro means one of the following features:

  • Small volumes.
  • Small size.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Effects of the micro domain.

Microfluidics is a multidisciplinary field intersecting engineering, physics, chemistry, microtechnology and biotechnology, with practical applications to the design of systems in which such small volumes of fluids will be used. Microfluidic area emerged in the beginning of the 1980s and is used in the development of inkjet printheads, DNA chips,lab on a chip technology, micro-propulsion, and micro-thermal technologies.

In this field microLIQUID develops and produces from the simplest microfluidic chip to complex microfluidic devices.

Our manufacture process allows us to integrate different designs and devices in a wafer, reducing time and cost of manufacturing.

microLIQUID offers standard microfluidic products ( microfluidic chips and encapsulate) and develop customized microfluidic structures and chip holders (connectors).


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