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Microfluidics has been shown to be key to leverage NGS technology due to its unique capability for handling small volumes of samples, reduce reagents cost and providing platforms for automation, multiplexing and integration

In microLIQUID our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge to develop microfluidic technology for the development of advanced DNA sequencing devices and platforms

  • Design of microstructures – improve throughput and reduce reagent consumption.
  • Development of microfluidic devices to perform most of the sequencing steps, including:
    • Template amplification
    • Fragmentation
    • Barcoding (allowed unique tagging). Labeled by unique DNA barcodes so that each cell can be distinguished after sequencing
  • Platform development – to interface the different stages of the process and allowing high resolution and sensitivity detections as well as faster analysis and reduced response times.
NGSmicroLIQUID – developing advanced DNA sequencing devices and platforms

The advantages:

  • Understand the molecular properties and molecular biology
  • Improve throughput and automation
  • Analyze very small quantities of cell samples – down to single cells
  • Reduce reagent consumption
  • Highly controlled microenvironments

Droplet generation

Automated sample preparation

Sequencing library preparation

Barcoding – unique tagging

Scaled down all sequencing steps and integrated into a unique microfluidic device to achieve rapid and low-cost DNA sequencing

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Microfluidics is crucial for the development of advanced DNA sequencing techniques. Leveraging precision medicine.

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