Microfluidics for Chemotaxis : ADVANTAGES

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Advantages of using microfluidics for chemotaxis

Advantages of using microfluidics for chemotaxis

Microfluidics: Chemotaxis and ADVANTAGES

it is known microfluidics nowadays is revolutionizing the way the motile behaviour of cells are studied.

It has enabled observations at high spatial and temporal resolution is carefully controlled microenvironments.

Taking into account both of the parts, chemotaxis and microfluidics, there are some advantages when using them two together:
– Presents experimental challenges that are not observed on chemotaxis studies of surface-adherent cells.
– Generate steady, arbitrarily shaped chemical gradients.
– Unique control over the chemoattractant gradient and the migration environment of cells.
– Provide spatial and temporal control over a reproducible chemical environment.
– Enables building well defined and stable chemical gradients at cellular length scales.
– Provide a platform for quantifying cellular responses at cellular and molecular levels.




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