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Microfluidics Application: What is a Biomarker for Detection?

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Microfluidics Application: Biomarker for Detection through Microfluidic Chips

Biomarkers are the physiological,biochemical or morphological changes that occur as a result of exposure,generally, to a toxic substance. The Biomarkers are only the measures/responses at  molecular and cellular level because it is the perfect situation to study the cause-effect relationships and mechanisms of action of these substances.
It is important to understand their mechanisms of action to develop medical or detection devices. Other features that allow its use is the  reproducibility, sensitivity, specificity and especially they present a very fast response time for detection, among other things.

Biomarkers used for Detection through Microfluidics

Biomarkers used for Detection through Microfluidics


Due to these features  it is an instrument widely used both in the environmental field and in the health industry.

It is essential that the biomarker response time is short , so that it can be used as “early warning system” and if also shows a diagnostic value, it can then be used predictively.

We can distinguish two types of biomarkers, biomarkers that indicate exposure and those that indicate damage from exposure.

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