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Microfluidics Application: Advantages of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer – MIPs

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Molecularly Imprinted Polymer – MIPs and Microfluidics

Molecularly Imprinted Polymer – MIPs and Microfluidics: Benefits of both technologies

Molecularly Imprinted Polymer – MIPs and Microfluidics

As mentioned before, using MIPs have several advantages, but if MIPs and microfluidics are worked together, they have even more positive points.

To start with, the materials used in microfluidic platforms are more or less inert, transparent and, moreover, they are not toxic.

This allows to work with all kinds of analytical techniques.
In addition, valves can be implemented in the microfluidic device, and this action allows the directed flows into certain areas of the chip.

Furthermore, the main advantage of inserting MIPs into microfluidic devices is that minuscule channels reduce diffusion form a solution to the imprinted surface.

This reduction brings a significant reduction of response timers for sensors or an increase of throughput for separations.

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