Microfluidic Prototyping systems

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Prototyping microfluidic systems

Prototyping microfluidic systems

Microfluidic Prototyping systems

In microLIQUID, we fabricate the microfluidic structures according to the customer specific requirements.

With no minimum quantities requirements, we start the fabrication from 1 unit at affordable prices.

Our in-house facilities allows us to use different fabrication methods and/or materials.

Techniques: Photolithography, Hot Embossing, Etching (Wet and dry), stereolithography, inject moulding, micromachining, sputtering and vaporization
Materials: Plastics, glass and silicon

The microfluidic channel geometries may vary with high aspect ratio, curved channels, high precision height or length and no depth-width constraints.

  • Depth: 20-180 micron
  • Width: 20 – 500 micron
  • Aspect ratio: up to 3:1
  • Chamber Dimensions: Up to 5*12 mm and arrayable
  • Vertical walls. microfluidic channels etc

Heaters and sensors: We integrate the electrodes inside the microfluidic structures. Made in: Gold, Platinum. Titanium, Chromium or Aluminium or other materials.

Experience:We’ve been developing our microfluidic expertise in the last years through several projects as: Microprobe flexible-semiflexible, Combining delivery and electrical signalling, qPCR Lab on a Chip, Electrolysis pump, Embedded microcantilevers, SU8 free standing structures embedded in microchannels for microfluidic control

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