Microfluidic Prototyping: Multi height Molds for PDMS Microfluidic Chips

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Hot Embossing in Microfluidics using SU8 moulds

SU 8 Molds for Microfluidic Chips Replication

Microfluidic Prototyping: Molds for PDMS Microfluidic Chips

In microLIQUID, we manufacture SU8 molds. The moulds are used as tools for soft casting polymers such as PDMS or polymers Hot Embossing.

SU8  molds for microfluidics – specifications:

  • Cross Section of microfluidic microstructures (Channels, pillar, chambers…): Rectangular cross section profile (walls with an angle of 90 grades)
  • Mould dimensions: Round 4 inches (Aprox 10 cm). Useful area for the mould is 9 cm (The external area of 1cm will not be used, as we need it for fabrication)
  • Substrate: You can choose between silicon or pyrex in standar and Glass, pmma, COC or COP substrates available on demand.
  • Material of microstructures: SU8
  • Dicing: The moulds can be cut to smaller rectangle pieces or chips.
  • Dicing: The wafer can be cut in smaller rectangle pieces or chips.
  • Microfluidic Structures restrictions size:
    • Depth and width 15 microns and 400 microns in standard.
    • Width: 10 microns and 9 cm in standard
    • Smaller feature available on demand.
  • Aspect ratio for channels (or other microstructures):
    • 1/3 in standard: For example if you choose 45 microns depth, the minimum width will be 15 microns
    • Higher aspect ratios available on demand.
  • Tolerances:
    • +-7% in height
    • 1,5 micron in width

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