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Precise Replica Moulding

Precise Replica Moulding

The use of durable replica moulds with high-feature resolution has been proposed as an inexpensive and convenient route for the manufacture of microstructured materials. A simple and fast duplication method, it involves the use of a master mould to create durable polymer replicas, e.g. by using thermoplastic materials (COC) and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The application of these materials offers numerous advantages due to its intrinsic properties such as its biocompatibility, transparency (240nm-1100nm) as well as its low autofluorescence. The microLIQUID mold manufacturing and replica process enables fast and easy manufacturing to form sealed microfluidic devices. The replica process is clean and precise, while multiple replications can be obtained from one master. This dramatically decreases both the expenditure and the time required to create specific patterns that need to be used consistently in the creation of various devices.

High Precision Master Mould for Microfluidic Device Manufacturing

MicroLIQUID manufactures differnent types of SU-8 and mold materials on silicon wafers, which are widely used to produce microfluidic disposables in the prototype development and low scale manufacturing stages. In addition, we generate series of PDMS and COC copies with excellent reproducibility and precision. MicroLIQUID offers high resolution moulds with a standard deviation of under 2%. microLIQUID is working in applications such as droplet generation for PCR diagnostics, NGS, single-cell analysis and high throughput screening among others. The moulds are highly reusable since we offer several treatments to increase the service life of the mould. This replica method will help you choose the optimum design for your product prior to scaling up to microLIQUID´s mass production tools (e.g. injection moulding). Indeed, more than 50 companies all over the world have already done so.

Precise Replica Moulding

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