microLIQUID is now a TE Connectivity Company.

The high sensitivity and specificity of immunoassays make them a powerful tool in molecular diagnostics. microLIQUID, has proven that microfluidics is making a change in the field of diagnostics.


The current immunoassay ‘gold standard’ ELISA, while proven to be highly robust and reliable, suffers from large sample requirements, long diffusion times, and hence, long incubation times moreover, it requires a specific enzyme-fluorophore complex that does not interfere with the reaction.


In recent years, microLIQUID has focused on combining the classic ELISA approach with microfluidic technologies. Such devices enable quantitative immunoassay results by integrating sensitive optical or electrochemical detection methods. The main advantages of a microfluidic immunoassay compared to conventional approaches are:


  1. Increase throughout and reproducibility, with automatic microfluidic immunoassay system.
  2. Lower consumption of samples and reagents.
  3. Speed up the antibody-antigen binding reactions.


Summarizing, the combination of microfluidics and immunoassay technologies can detect biomarkers with faster assay time, reduced volumes of reagents, lower power requirements, and higher levels of integration and automation compared to traditional approaches.

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