microLIQUID is now a TE Connectivity Company.

Microfluidic Development

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Microfluidics Contract developments And EU projects

microLIQUID has been developing several disposable microfluidic chips and microfluidic cartridges, polymer products and Lab-on-Chip Analysis Microfluidic Platforms, all within contracts and EU projects
We gather a strong knowledge for developing microfluidic products, for developing microfluidic products, such as microfluidic flow sensors, microfluidic lab-on-chip or the integration of a full automated Point of Care Device.

Use case

microLIQUID offers developing skills to third parties , based on the extensive know-how of previous microfluidic developments. We are open to collaboration with our customer, starting from scratch and building up to microfluidic chip mass manufacturing. Contact us and you will be able to explore this wonderful world of microfluidics
Several years of involvement in different EU projects such as Hilysens, Lungcard and Labonfoil, have provided microLIQUID with ample experience, enabling us to select those projects that are market-oriented for the Point of Care Market. We improve Diagnostics and Analysis Tools and these kinds of projects form an excellent path towards delivery of the product to the market.
There’s no need for you to start from scratch. microLIQUID´s fluidic platform can be the springboard for you to integrate your detecting system. We are able to save our customers at least 3 years of labour with our microfluidic development and expertise.
Our capabilities in Microfluidics include adapting existing protocols from “macro” analysis to point of care devices, which are fully automated and ready to use, thus gaining in portability whilst reducing potential complications, costs and diagnostic time.
Offer your current lab analysis as a point of care, so you’ll reach new customers, enabling you to open new distribution channels and bringing you other benefits.

Microfluidic Use Cases

Different use cases for Microfluidic Development


Micro-injection molding

Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic moulding

Microfluidic Chip

Reagents stored on a microfluidic chip


Reagent Integration in Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic Development

Thermocycler for microfluidic PCR chips


PCR microfluidic chip

Microfluidic Chip

Molecular diagnostics

Microfluidic Cartridges

Drug Delivery

Microfluidic Chip