microLIQUID is now a TE Connectivity Company.

Microfluidic Custom Design and Mass-Manufacturing

We are experts in the development and manufacture of microfluidic products.

microLIQUID is a one-stop provider of end-to-end Bioscience solutions, spanning the whole microfluidic value chain from cartridges to equipment. Our microfluidic OEM cartridge technologies, as well as the microfluidic ODM ones, fit the demand for improving the efficiency of techniques applied in the manufacturing of microfluidic products, such as IVD devices and microfluidic chips.
Starting with potential microfluidic design, development and proof of concept, we work together with our customers on projects of potentially fully-certified microfluidic IVD development and manufacturing. This is possible as we have Bioscience, Engineering and New Product Introduction expertise all under one roof.
One of our key strengths is the ability to provide novel processing solutions where conventional microfluidics manufacturing processes are no longer valid. The challenges that we regularly address entail the inclusion of micro-sized features as well as the design and manufacturing of several types of micro mold technologies (Silicon, PDMS, SU-8 and steel), the combination of micro and macro features, combinations of process steps, challenging assembly steps, stringent QC requirements and packaging of the final product. Our manufacturing team deliver small and large volumes of products to customers around the world. microLIQUID offers full solutions for microfluidic design and manufacturing of macro-, micro-, nano-structured and multi-layer polymer devices, in some cases also with silicon and glass material in hybrid solutions for the market. microLIQUID provides microfluidic cartridge development for customers´ proprietary platforms, whilst also offering a full solution from microfluidics through precision flow control equipment.
Since the creation of our company 10 years ago, we have built up experience working on thousands of Research and Development projects, as well as large-scale ones with international vocation. Being able to communicate in English, French and Spanish, microLIQUID has developed a unique combination of skills including microfluidic design, nano- and microfabrication, polymer sciences and automated assembly, all of which have been implemented in our microfluidics mass-production facilities.
Our technology ranges from state-of-the art MEMS and Microfluidic technologies to micro-injection molding capabilities. microLIQUID integrates all these manufacturing process techniques:

  • Photolithography technologies (class 10-100)
  • Thin film processing: Sputtering, Oxidation furnaces etc.
  • Plasma etching: RIE and DRIE
  • Microreplication: Hot embossing, casting, micro milling
  • Micro Injection molding
  • Surface functionalization
  • Automated Reagent deposition/integration
  • Bonding technologies (solvent, wire, ultrasonic, anodic, fusion and adhesive bonding)
  • High throughput Lamination equipment (adhesive and thermal)
  • Assembly and interfacing
  • Packaging