microLIQUID is now a TE Connectivity Company.

SERVICES: NPI – Transfer to manufacturing

microLIQUID ́S experienced NPD/NPI team can take your product all the way, from product development to small-and large-scale manufacturing


Fully scalable fabrication technology which enables mass-production of high value microfluidic devices.

  • Surface treatment / Functionalization
  • Reagent integration
  • Assembly / Bonding / Coating
  • Measurement

In microLIQUID we are in full compliance with the leading industry and regulatory standards, including ISO 13485.

NPI, product development and bioscience expertise all under one roof. We work side by side with our customers from the early stages of the project.

  • Robust NPI process: faster time to market
  • Cross-functional communication & teamwork: efficient manufacturing
  • Improved product quality: test inspection > validation > quality checks

Showcase: From a PDMS production line to a thermoplastic mass-production.

Customer needs:

Transfer from a research use only to a FDA approved device.

Two milestones:

  • Successful market launch with a high value PDMS device, surface treatment and encapsulation. Capabilities to manufacture more than 1000 devices/month.
  • Shift to a thermoplastic material for high volume production line.

microLIQUID’s solution:

Semiautomatic production line set up.

Unique knowhow:

  • Design and tooling development – mechatronic expertise.
  • Scalable surface treatment – microfluidic engineers.
  • Fully assembled device, ready for reagent load – microfluidic engineers.
  • QC – understanding the biological properties.

The improvement:

Reliable, cost effective, and scalable material ensuring the device functionalities.

  • Material switch from PDMS to a thermoplastic.
  • Low volume to high volume production line.
  • Surface treatment.
  • Quality controls.

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