microLIQUID is now a TE Connectivity Company.


As a contract manufacturing company our unique business model is designed to provide our customers with wide range of quality services and innovative solutions, covering any stage of the product life cycle.

We are a trusted team, experts on design, development and manufacturing of microfluidic consumables for in-vivo & in-vitro diagnostics, cell culture and pharmaceutical applications, for human health and agro-food sectors.

We work side by side with our customers and partners offering customized solutions by combining microfluidic engineering and biomedical expertise.

Our open innovation philosophy focuses on integrate, assimilate and synergize microfluidics core principles, bringing state of the art research into successful commercial products.


The goal of our innovative product development methodology is to turn your idea into a successful commercial product.

We can provide comprehensive designing support, including material selection, structures design, simulations and interface…


NPI – Transfer to manufacturing

microLIQUID ́s NPI/ NPD team knows how to efficiently scale your product production with complete flexibility in ramp-up.

Our goal is to successfully launch production, through process automation, while we eliminate risks to product quality, reduce time, finances and ultimately, achieve customer satisfaction.



The efficiency of our proprietary processes and quality controls, and the flexibility of our on-demand CMO services can help your company grow:

Reducing product time to market improving product quality and much more…


Our Process

  • >> Microfluidic contract design and manufacturing
  • >> Capability to start working on a project at any stage
  • >> Ensuring that our customer concept ideas have practical potential
  • >> Biomedical assay transfer and reagent integration
  • >> Flexibility in ramp-up

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One idea, one design and engineering-to-production.

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