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Microfluidic Chips Manufacturing: What is the product workflow?

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microfluidic development workflow

microfluidic development workflow

Microfluidic Chips Manufacturing: Product workflow

From  microfluidic design and prototype fabrication to final validation and mass production

In microLIQUID, these are the main steps we work with our customers. The design of the microfluidic architecture, based on the needs of the partner, is the spark of the project management process.

Once the microfluidic device design is accepted and developed, the second phase is the prototyping where the cost and the flexibility are key elements. We have the range of technologies to reach both objectifs

After the microfluidic prototypes are defined, we have to check that the design and the prototype meets the requirements, test the microfluidics and the biology/detection components to see they are working as expected. If so, we end with a final design of the microfluidic architecture.

This final design is the starting point for medium and mass production processes, where the customer has the concept tested, and the proximity to the market allows higher investments.

The final material(thermoplastics) , the architecture and the biological tests need to be decided, and these elements define the production process of medium batches, like hot embossing or photolitography.

If all the elements are clear, the injection moulding solution is the cheapest option for mass production, where, once the first investment is done, the replication of the microfluidic structures is cost effective and replication can be obtained.

To obtain the replication, the validation of the microfluidics, biology, design, detection and functionality are the final steps.


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