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Biomedical Expertise & Microfluidic Engineering

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Reagent Integration

We focus on the translation of bioassays from the benchmark to the cartridge, for immune and molecular diagnostics.

Adding value with the efficiency of our proprietary methodology

We transfer the defined assay into preliminary automated microfluidic systems, and optimize the steps from the microfluidics point of view together with our customers.

  • Optimized microfluidic protocols
  • Systematic parameters control
  • Rapid prototyping (Short Iteration Times, 1 Week)
  • Improved potential for automation
  • Preliminary automated microfluidic systems
  • High throughput processing

Reagent integration

Reagent types: Dry |Liquid | Lyophilized


  • Spotting: Proteins, Nucleic acids, Buffers, nano particles, Sugars & surfactants.
  • Lyophilization (freeze drying): Master Mix (PCR & RT-PCR) , Proteins, enzymes, Ag & Ab, Sample prep reagent.
  • Liquid handling: Blisters, Vials.

The advantages:

  • Reduce handling steps
  • Lower reagent volume
  • No instrument contamination
  • Longer product shelf life
  • Release directly inside microstructures

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microLIQUID has an extensive knowledge depositing reagents on different substrates such as biosensors, biocompatible hard polymers and microscope slides, that represents an added value to our customers.

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