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COC & COP microfluidic cartridge

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COC & COP microfluidic cartridge


At microLIQUID we have 10 years of experience working side by side with our customers, manufacturing microfluidic products based on hard polymers such as COC (cyclic olephine copolymer) and COP (cyclic olephine polymer). Our state-of-the-art micro-manufacturing processes for these types of microfluidic cartridges are unique in the industry.


These medical-grade plastics are perfect for microfluidics, as they are outstanding performers in different life science applications: molecular diagnostics, immunoassays, NGS, cell culture and cell diagnostics. These highly biocompatible copolymers have exceptional optical properties, including high clarity and high light transmissivity, in addition to very low moisture absorption, very low permeability to water vapor, and good chemical resistance.


We apply different high-skill engineering processes to our in-house manufacture of COC and COP microfluidic devices, undertaking the complete workflow from initial concept to mass manufacturing. We often begin with prototype production for design validation in the proof-of-principle stage. We might then continue with small- to medium-size production runs in preparation for ultimate mass manufacturing. In the critical area of integration of post-processing techniques, we have extensive experience in bonding processes and polymer surface treatments in order to fine-tune surface properties for different purposes, such as wettability modification, cell adherence, improvement of microfluidic droplet formation or DNA/protein spotting.


Our manufacturing services include:

  • Initial concept manufacturing (lithography, micro milling, 3D printing…)
  • Short- and medium-run manufacturing (hot embossing, injection molding…)
  • Large-scale manufacturing (injection molding, microinjection molding..)
  • Bonding processes (thermal bonding, chemical bonding, solvent bonding…)
  • Polymer surface treatments (Chemical treatments, UV treatments…)


Our aim is always to achieve the results necessary to make the projects we develop with our customers a complete success!


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