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Microfluidic Event: microLIQUID in BIOSPAIN 2016 in Bilbao – 28th to 30th Sept

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biospain 2016 Forum

biospain 2016 in Bilbao in September

Microfluidic Event in Spain

BIOSPAIN 2016 is the largest biotechnology meeting   organized by a national association of bioindustry in Europe (ASEBIO).

Also the international approach with 34% of delegates attending from outside of Spain and fully business oriented. Is one of the largest Forum in the world with more than 850 companies coming and in one to one meetings, over 3.000 every edition.

The meeting will be in Bilbao, in the Bilbao Exhibition Center from the 28th to the 30th of September and here you can find the schedule/program: http://www.biospain2016.org/Program

microLIQUID will be there with  one stand, within the  Biobasque pavilion  where we will show our  latest developments and services. It is a great opportunity to meet and explain our capabilities for the market.

Options for collaboration/partnering:

  1. microLIQUID develops and manufactures disposable & systems based in microfluidics for analysis/diagnostic companies to enable the automation, portability and increased added value of their assays and tests. Main markets are: POC IVD,Drug delivery,Veterinarian,Food industry.
  2. microLIQUID works in an OEM basis allowing our customer to improve the characteristics of their analysis/diagnostic kit, adding automation and portability as features turning the analysis kits used in the central laboratory in a point of care/point of use device with a low investment.
  3. Turn-key projects transforming test and assay into point of care, form the idea to final mass production of disposable and system is done with microLIQUID in our manufacturing facilities.

For more information: info@microliquid.com



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Microfluidics Application: What is a Biomarker for Detection?

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Microfluidics Application: Biomarker for Detection through Microfluidic Chips

Biomarkers are the physiological,biochemical or morphological changes that occur as a result of exposure,generally, to a toxic substance. The Biomarkers are only the measures/responses at  molecular and cellular level because it is the perfect situation to study the cause-effect relationships and mechanisms of action of these substances.
It is important to understand their mechanisms of action to develop medical or detection devices. Other features that allow its use is the  reproducibility, sensitivity, specificity and especially they present a very fast response time for detection, among other things.

Biomarkers used for Detection through Microfluidics

Biomarkers used for Detection through Microfluidics


Due to these features  it is an instrument widely used both in the environmental field and in the health industry.

It is essential that the biomarker response time is short , so that it can be used as “early warning system” and if also shows a diagnostic value, it can then be used predictively.

We can distinguish two types of biomarkers, biomarkers that indicate exposure and those that indicate damage from exposure.

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