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Microfluidic Event in Portugal

MicroLIQUID has been present and participating in the FLOWING MATTER 2016

Our company moves to Porto to be present at the conference acting as one of the sponsors of the Event.

microfluidic Flow sensor

microfluidic Flow sensor

microfluidic conference FLOWING MATTER 2016

microfluidic conference FLOWING MATTER 2016

In the next link we can see all the companies invited as sponsors:


Flowing matter lies at the crossroads between industrial processes, fundamental physics, engineering and Earth Sciences. Depending on the microscopic interactions, an assembly of molecules or of mesoscopic particles can flow like a simple Newtonian fluid, deform elastically like a solid or behave in a complex manner. When the internal constituents are active, as for biological entities, one generally observes complex large-scale collective motions.

A fundamental understanding of flowing matter is still missing impeding scientific progress, effective control on industrial processes, as well as accurate predictions of natural phenomena. Flowing matter frequently presents a tight coupling between small-scale structures and large-scale flow urging for a unifying approach. The Action will coordinate existing research efforts into a synergetic plan of collaborations and exchanges to develop an innovative multi-scale approach able to encompass the traditional micro-, meso-, and macro-scales descriptions.

Breakthroughs in the understanding of flowing matter will impact on fundamental key scientific issues, such as the glass, the elasto-plastic and the jamming transitions, as well as industrial applications including health, energy, cosmetics, detergents, food, paints, inks, oil and gas. The conference has covered the three main topics of the COST Action: complex fluids, active matter and complex flows.

The Local Organizers of the conference (Laura Campo Deaño and Nuno Araújo are Microliquid partners, Porto University people, and we are proud and happy for this mutual collaboration.

The event has been a total success and sure that in a near future in many other things or in next editions we will collaborate again. Great work from the Porto Team!!!

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